Note Book

Gupta Book Industries Pvt.Ltd.  is Central India's No. 1 Notebook company. Its range of more than 300 variants is custom made to take care of varying needs in notebooks, long books, practical books, drawing books & reminder pads segments. These notebooks reach more than 8,000 outlets across the country.The Notebook range builds in regional preferences and caters to the requirements of All India & State Education Boards. We recently launched the Imagine notebooks which are 60GSM notebooks with black ruling and with increased spacing for superior writing experience.

The regular Services From our Company are:-


  • Quality Paper – Quality binding – attractive Designs on the cover-useful information.
  • We supply note book to many, school & colleges as their requirements.
  • We supply notebooks with school and college name printed on the cover.
  • Practical record note book for school & college student.