Syllabus Books

Gupta Book Industries Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of publication of Syllabus based supplementary books for State Board school students in India and other Non Syllabus based books for schools across India. Books are the medium of delivering the Content created by the reputed authors. GBI enjoys Leadership position in Supplementary books having a strong content team of 75 authors.

Smart Workbooks – Success Way to CCE! GPH Smart Workbooks – Success Way to CCE!

GBI is a dominant player in Western India for Supplementary books. Workbooks, Guides and Last Minute Revision form the portfolio for GBI’s Syllabus based Publication.

For the betterment of students, the education system, especially the examination and evaluation system, has been thoroughly revised by the Government. GBI strives to bring about these updates in the students' educational material to keep them in line with new changes.

GPH Smart Workbooks are based on the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) - a newly introduced system of evaluation. Meticulous research on the new system has been done before preparing these books for the students. What do the GPH Smart Workbooks contain?

  • 1. Thought-provoking questions and other various exercises for Summative Evaluation.
  • 2. Open-book tests and Closed-book tests after every few chapters / lessons.
  • 3. Innovative suggestions on the tools of Formative Evaluation such as oral work (group discussion, role-play), activities, projects, etc. in each chapter / lesson.

Non-Syllabus Books

The general book category will give you an overall view of our presitigious publications which are useful in day - to - day life. These category includes

  • 1. Arts & Craft
  • 2. Learning Computer.
  • 3. Cursive Writing.
  • 4. General Knowledge.
  • 5. Gungunate Geet & Rhymes.
  • 6. Arts.
  • 7. Books on India.